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kieran final quiz:10 best

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A Day in Soho

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On Thursday may 21, 2009, the class took an amazing trip into Manhattan and the Soho district. We had a lot of different plans and events for today. We had three locations that we had to take a variety of pictures streaming between, viewpoints, building, people and store fronts. The pictures came out to be very interesting in the way the placed and angled

The first location of the trip was in Washington Square Park, where we had to focus on patterns, monuments and unusual viewpoints. The park had a lot of interesting spots for example, the playground and the fountain plaza. The second location that we visited was along Broadway, between 4th street and W. Houston Street. This area was filled with a lot of different stores (that I really love to check out, especially kid robot), but it was also difficult because we had to take pictures of people. During the walk we entered the third location the Soho district, which was pretty nice. The culture of Soho was nice, and had a laid back vibe.

Hoboken Trip

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On may 20 the class took a trip to Hoboken, it was a nice experience. Being able to check out the waterfront and take pictures that were in great focus was fun. The main task for this trip was to take pictures of people, and honestly it was very difficult to do. We were scared that somebody would smack our cameras or hit us, as thought we were paparazzi. The task was also very new and interesting.

We had a lot of very intriguing experiences during the trip. We were able to look at different stores and cultures in Hoboken. I felt as thought we were not in jersey anymore. one funny part was when me, Justin C., and martin o was eating at Johnny rockets for lunch and this random guy s and asked us how long a helicopter has been in the air over the city. We he was a fugitive, for a while. Then a homeless person came up to us and called himself “the original Hoboken hobo”. He was asking “who would like to hear a joke for a quarter”, and was posing for our cameras saying “hi mom”. the “fugitive” from before came back after then homeless man left, and started to say how there was a fleet week going on in the harbor and being a real friendly guy, since he was also a photography. The entire trip was really fun, especially since I learned how to master the focus on my camera.

my top ten

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two lions

On first glance of this photo, you would think that it was a reflection of an object. Truth is this is just a picture taken from a certain angle so that it appears that way and the thing that separates the two sides is solid

step up

The reason why I like this photo is because it is taken from an unusual point of view. This view is most commonly known as an ant’s eye point of view because it looks as if my subject is bigger than normal

moving door

I tried to just take the picture of the person while she was standing still at first but she suddenly moved and the picture came out blurry. At first it looked as if it was messed up but it actually came out good because it shows the person while they are doing something.

Martin Still life

This picture is a very simple photo. It mainly illustrates diagonal lines because of the angle in which the baseball was placed and this type of photography is most commonly known as still life photos.


This photo illustrates the rule of thirds because the eyes also are not dead center. It is also meant to show a simple background and not a very busy back ground.

gq status

When looking at this picture you would think that my subject was some type of model of something. The pose was not intentional and was caught off guard when his hand moved but the end result came out nicely.

golden door knob

I like this picture a lot because it shows a reflection of something from a different sought of object. It is not a glass window, a pond or anything but it is just a regular golden doorknob.

hole on th egorund

This picture is not really anything special. It is just a hole that was on a metal railing but it in an interesting photo of a subject and that was the goal that I was trying to achieve

bill board

This shot was taken to show a billboard from a certain angle. But it ended up coming out as a reflection of the sky and the parking lot which made the picture come out interesting.


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This photo was taken during our trip to liberty state park. The photo shows the cargo ship being framed by the gates circle. The clouds were really in focus that day, making the photo seem like life on the see.


In the beginning of the class we tried working with the white balance on our cameras. I thought black and white would be a good display to choose because it is my favorite, and it shows the shadows of the Essex county college tunnel, and its details.


The photo is nice because the way I focused the wire was that, I had to first focus the wire then position the camera so that Kevin could be in the background, but blurred out.


The knob was in focus for this particular photo because I wanted to catch the specific details of the object. I wanted to catch the reflection, and the image but also the words.


During the trip to the Soho district, I wanted to take a picture from a very weird angle, but at the same time trying to frame the background but also get the family in the background


During the trip to Hoboken, me and three of my classmates ate at jonnie rockets during lunch. the reason this picture stood out to me was because, they were hiring and need people whop were “enthusiastic!!!!!” and the man in the photo showed the opposite.


The reason I put the metal in focus was to show a line leading to Steve F. The details of the metal came out pretty well, and also the background how blurry it is. The reason I wanted the background blurry was to mainly focus of the detail of the metal.


The colors from the wire were very attracting but also very interesting. The images ranges of color seem to draw a lot of people it. But the image is bigger than the full object itself.


This photo was taken from a low point of view. I wanted to capture the shadow of the metal but also a detailed look at the gravel on the ground, to make the photo seem as thought it is an ant’s point of view.


For this photo I wanted to make an antique feel to the environment. The background has an old feel to it, and due to the white balance the image of the photo seem to have a dusty, old look to them. Mostly like the brown and black pictures from the late1800s


This picture was also taken during our trip too uptown. I wanted to create a very deep scenario. The black and while really brought out the lights and the subjects emotions.


This photo was taken during our trip to uptown, Manhattan. This photo shows the train moving in the subway but at the same time showing our reflection.


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10 Final Photos

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1 / 640  -  F 2.8

1 / 640 - F 2.8 - The center of attention is the mirror back of the fountain. I defocused the background captured the reflection og the tree on then back of the fountain.

1 / 160  -  F 4.0

1 / 160 - F 4.0 - There were two versions, one simly ending at the wall, and another, this image, with a persons back. The center of attention of this photo is the golden lock with black marker written over it. Even though the exposure is off, I focused on the look and blurred out Jason's back.

1 / 60  -  F 2.8

1 / 60 - F 2.8 - In this photo I used the Rule of Thirds technique and focused on one mushroom as my main subject, defocusing other mushrooms. The low unusual point of view made the mushrooms seem taller then they actually were.

1 / 640  -  F 4.0

1 / 640 - F 4.0 - Instead of centering the subject in this photo, I used Rule of Thirds moving the image to the lower left corner. I focused on the rusty rivet on the Brooklyn Bridge, blurring the background bringing out the rust and crumbles on the rivet.

1 / 200  -  F 4.1

1 / 200 - F 4.1 - I took this photo because i was fascinated at how the only plank on the bench that is broken in half, ois the only plank that has stalks perfectly hanging off it.

1 / 80  -  F 4.1

1 / 80 - F 4.1 - I wS tired of seeing the typical view of a subject, just catching it straight on I got on my knees and captured the worms eye view. I foucesed on the engraved symbol of the lamp post and defocused the rest of the way up.

1 / 500 – F 2.8
1 / 13  -  F 2.8

1 / 13 - F 2.8 - I took this photo because I liked the way the light shined on the water. I added the pots almsot as models to add a reflection to the water. The image was over exposed so the histogram of the image was slightly adjusted.

1 / 400 – F 5.5
1 / 60  -  F 4.5

1 / 60 - F 4.5 - Instead of using the normal portrait style and taking a photo of Jason's face straight on I stood at a higher point. I did this so the image could have a higher diagnal point of view.


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10 Best Photos

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1 top ten2 top ten3 top ten4 top ten5 top ten6 top ten7 top ten8 top ten9 top ten10 top ten

Anthony Finalist

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Here are my final products from photography class



Hoboken hobo

Hoboken hobo

Leading line Texture

Leading line Texture

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow



Screen Saver

Screen Saver



Sideways stairs

Sideways stairs

Simply Unique

Simply Unique